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Alistair Roberts

Aspect was honoured to receive a generous gift from a remarkable man.

When Alistair Roberts died he left a legacy as an accomplished Australian actor, costume designer and a dedicated supporter of Aspect.

Alistair is remembered by those who knew him as a talented and generous man and a wonderful friend who made a difference in the lives of the many people he met.

For Aspect, Alistair will be forever remembered for his incredible and selfless generosity and for the difference his foresight has made to the lives of those he didn’t meet - the many people with autism and their families who will now have a brighter future thanks to his generous legacy.

Lola Rachael Maude Douglas

When Lola left a gift she made a special request that the funds go toward autism-specific training and research. As a result of Lola’s generosity, we were able to fund a research project which looked at the service gaps and unmet needs of people affected by autism living in the Northern Rivers area of NSW.

With the help of Lola’s legacy, we established Aspect’s first regional centre for autism services at Ballina. This was the first of a number of regional centres and it was through her visionary foresight in including a gift to Aspect in her will, Lola has made a significant difference to the lives of thousands of children and their families.

Miriam Theodore Pearson

Those who knew Miriam described her as a strong lady with a generous spirit who always put the needs of others ahead of herself. Her will further revealed her compassionate nature when she made sure that her loved ones were looked after, then left the remainder of her estate to charity.

Aspect was one of those charities, and we are endlessly grateful to Miriam for her gift. A wonderful way for a very caring person to leave a special legacy behind.

Vincent James Healey

Vincent was a generous long term supporter of Aspect and because he discussed his decision to leave a gift to Aspect we were able to thank him and provide him with information about how his gift would be used. Vincent told us he wanted his gift to be made in the name of both Vincent and his late wife, Constance. It was to be a lasting reminder of the special bond they shared.

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