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Relaxed performances at the Sydney Festival 2020

27 December 2019

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From Sydney CBD to Parramatta, Sydney Festival 2020 unleashes its 2020 program on the city. Here's a list of relaxed performances (sensory-friendly) to help you enjoy this essential fixture of Sydney’s summer calendar:

Laser Beak Man

Artist Tim Sharp’s cult-classic comes to life with eye-popping staging and offbeat humour. Recommended for ages 8+.

Sydney Opera House, Drama Theatre

Relaxed performance: 12 January, 2 pm.

  • Two performers from the cast will brief the audience before the show starts on all the changes made for the relaxed performance and to introduce the puppets
  • Doors will open earlier so audiences can settle before the performance
  • Smoke/haze and strobes will be removed
  • Sounds levels will be reduced: overall sound levels will be lower and louder moments reduced
  • House lights will be up so audiences can easily come & go if need be
  • There will be a ‘chill out’ area in the foyer with beanbags and fidget toys
  • We encourage audiences to bring sunglasses along as the LED panels can be bright

Dodecalis Luminarium

Explore an immense, radiantly lit inflated labyrinth of winding paths and soaring domes. Suitable for all ages.

Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour. Free.

All sessions of Dodecalis Luminarium are accessible to everyone and is fully wheelchair accessible, embracing all ages and abilities. There are also dedicated neurodiverse-friendly relaxed sessions where capacity is limited and queues will be smaller. Volunteers from Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) will be in attendance.

Relaxed sessions: 16 January, 9-10am and 23 January, 9-10am.
The relaxed sessions are free, registration is required.

She Conjured the Clouds

A magical adventure of the senses for both kids and adults by acclaimed artist Justene Williams, accessible to all audiences.

Campbelltown Arts Centre

Relaxed performance: 17 January, 1.30pm. This performance will have lowered sounds and lights, freedom to come and go and a chill out area.

Bran Nue Dae

Jimmy Chi’s exuberant, hilarious and hopeful homegrown musical gets a 30th birthday revival by Opera Australia.

Riverside Theatres

Relaxed performance: 25 January, 2pm

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