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Acknowledgement of Indigenous Australians

The Board of Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) and Aspect staff recognise Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people as the First Nations Peoples of Australia. We acknowledge the cultural and spiritual links that the many Aboriginal nations have with the land, sea and environment. We acknowledge these many nations as the traditional custodians of the different regions we know as Australia.

These Aboriginal nations witnessed European settlement and have endured despite the massive changes to their lives, land and lifestyles. Aspect acknowledges the extensive detrimental impact that a loss of countries has exacted on the culture and customs of Aboriginal nations. In spite of these impacts, Aboriginal people have retained their pride, sense of identity, cultures and customs.

Commitment to Indigenous Australians

Aspect accepts its responsibilities in developing greater networks with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and services, and commits to sharing this awareness of the rich history of Aboriginal Australia through its work. Aspect acknowledges this as the basis of a true and open communication that demonstrates cooperation, mutual respect, understanding and trust.

Aspect commits to ensuring people maintain and strengthen connection to their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and community, through culturally competent services and appropriate community linkages which respect a person’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural identity. This commitment applies through all assessment, planning and actions that promote cultural safety and connectedness and respect the cultural and spiritual identity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.